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Money Back Guarantee

We understand that buying a new mattress is a very hard decision to make, because you couldn’t know much by testing a mattress in a showroom for 5 minutes .You may find it okay at that point, but the real test is how you find it after you have slept on for few nights.

So we are offering 60-night money back guarantee on all eligible mattresses to take your risk out of mattress shopping.This policy is offered so that you can shop for a wonderful Mattress with ease and know that Mattress Studio will support you in your investment 100% after the sale.

The Mattress Studio’s 60 Nights Money Back Guarantee– Offered on any Australian made mattress purchased that is not a floor model or otherwise ineligible purchase. Try your new mattress for 60 nights, if after 21 nights you feel it is not the right mattress for you we will happily refund 100 % of your money(exclude delivery cost if any) or offer one exchange at no charge or expense to you.

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If you decide to exchange,there will be no restocking fees or exchange fees.

If your reselection is less than the original price you paid we refund you the difference. If your reselection is more than your original price, you will pay the difference. This Guarantee is on Mattress only and does not include pillows, Ensemble Bases and Protectors.

Is there any catch? Yes, We do ask only two things of you and they are non-negotiable.
#1 – You must try your new mattress at home for 21 nights minimum. We will not honor this policy before the 21-night period is up. It is very likely the first few nights to weeks you may feel a new mattress not on optimum comfort level. This is simply your body and muscles discovering a new normal.

#2 – We only will accept a return if it is 100% free of stains and body fluids. So an approved mattress protector must be purchased with the mattress and used all the time. Our team will inspect the mattress using a black light flashlight before picking it up. If stains or soiled areas are found, regardless of size or nature, we will not accept it for return. Please ensure that approved mattress protector is used all the time.

All our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.